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[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)
[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)
[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)
[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)
[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)
[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)

[Beauty of Joseon] Relief Sun (50ml, 1.69fl.oz)

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Rice Bran Water

Special Ingredients

[Rice Extract 30%]

Rice bran is high in vitamins B, C, E, amino acids, and minerals, which help moisturize dry skin, soothe sensitive skin, and even out skin tone.

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Features & details

Product description

Relief sun
Relief Sun

Strong protection against UV

Long-term exposure to UV rays causes pigmentation, redness, and aging

Relief sun is a chemical sunscreen that helps protect your skin from ultraviolet rays.

It has a light moisturizing cream texture, so it doesn't rub off on makeup and there is no white cast.

Relife sun

Key features

[Strong protection against UV radiation]

It is a product that has undergone clinical trials for SPF 50+ UV protection function at two testing labs in Korea and Spain. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to protect the skin from UV rays.

[Organic sunblock]

After a chemical reaction with ultraviolet energy, organic sunscreen absorbs ultraviolet rays into the skin and converts them into heat that is harmless to the human body.

It has a light cream-like texture, and no matter how many times you apply it, it remains moist and does not leave a white cast.

  • [organic suncreen] Relief Sun is an organic suncreen that applies gently on the skin and by also including skin calming ingredients, it allows sensitive skin types to use it sith ease as weell.
  • [UV Protection] SPF50+ PA++++ broad specturm approved by separate labs in South Korea and Spain.
  • [Rice Bran Water] During the Joseon Dynasty, rice bran water was called ‘miansu,’ which signifies water that beautifies the skin, and was used like today's toner.
  • [Moist daily sunscreen] It absorbs ultraviolet rays into the skin, converts them into harmless heat after chemical reactions with UV energy, and then disappears, so it is moist and has natural application even after applying it several times.
  • 1. It was produced in a safe manufacturing facility certified by GMP. 2. All product booking boxes are manufactured using FSC-certified paper. 3. This product is cruelty-free and is against animal experiments. 4. We did not use artificial fragrance and colorants, essential oil, mineral oil, etc., that may irritate sensitive skin.