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False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -
False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -
False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -
False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -
False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -
False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -

False Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit -

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Product description

viciley lash kit 5 pairs

A Whole New Way for Lash Application

Viciley False Eyelashes and Magic Eyeliner Kit

No Messy Glue. No Magnets. Wearing lashes can be easier and more natural.

double eyeliner

Double Eyeliner (Black+Clear)

This kit comes with 2 magic eyeliners. The black eyeliner is for heavier makeup and lash adhesive. The clear eyeliner is for more natural makeup and stronger adhesive. The eyeliners can be used at the same time or separately as you wish.


no glue or magnet

No Glue. No Magnet.

Viciley Magic Eyeliner has replaced lash glue. It works as lash adhesive but does not contain any kind of glue. The false lashes are made more natural without magnets on them. Together they bring you a new experience of wearing eyelashes.


lashes for women

Handmade Natural Lashes

Viciley False Eyelashes are cruelty-free, latex-free, and magnet-free. They are made of premium fiber that feels as natural as real human hair. Each pair of lashes supports up to is reusable up to 25-30 times.


5 pairs
for any occassion

Step 1

Shake the eyeliner pen prior to first use.


Step 2

Press the button of the eyeliner pen until it clicks.


Step 3

Wait until the tip is filled with liquid.


Step 4

Apply the eyeliner and let it dry before putting on the lashes.

Optional: apply the clear eyeliner on lashes for stronger adhesive.

Features & details

  • NO GLUE - Viciley False Eyelashes Kit does not contain any kind of glue. It’s a game-changer for eyelash application. If you hate messy glue or are allergic to glue, this is the solution.
  • NO MAGNET - Viciley False Eyelashes Kit is Non-Magnetic as well. If you find magnetic eyelashes keep falling off or not suitable for you, this fake eyelashes set works for you as quick and easy.
  • 2 x MAGIC EYELINER - 2 Magic Eyeliners Included: the Black Eyeliner for makeup and lash adhesive; the transparent eyeliner as a replacement for glue and for occasions that you don't want to put on black eyeliner.
  • REUSABLE LASHES - Viciley False Eyelashes are made of top quality fiber silk to make them light, soft and comfortable. You can hardly notice they are there once put on. Each pair is reusable up to 30 times.
  • 5 Styles - This lash set comes with 5 Styles for natural daily use and dramatic effects.