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Pink Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. Rose Quartz Roller with Eye Massager, Jade Gua Sha, Ridged Roller Massager. Jade Roller For Face Real Jade 100% Jade Stone Roller. Warm Facial Massager or Ice Roller
Pink Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. Rose Quartz Roller with Eye Massager, Jade Gua Sha, Ridged Roller Massager. Jade Roller For Face Real Jade 100% Jade Stone Roller. Warm Facial Massager or Ice Roller

Pink Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set. Rose Quartz Roller with Eye Massager, Jade Gua Sha, Ridged Roller Massager. Jade Roller For Face Real Jade 100% Jade Stone Roller. Warm Facial Massager or Ice Roller

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Product description

The 4-in-1 Crystal Skincare Kit 96% of ALL Women Love Most

gua sha

From Chinese Jade to Egyptian Quartz, beauty rollers are not just the hottest trend, but one of the oldest ancient remedies to brighten, soothe and support our tired, unhappy skin. In fact, 96% of women who use MoValue loves how it makes their skin feel, how easy it is to use and how sturdy and quality each tool is. And because we know how much you also love “easy to hold” things, we made the handle extra thick and comfortable. Pop it in the fridge for an extra refreshing massage, or warm it up and let it infuse your skin with love.

Rose Crystal Skincare Kit: (1) Quartz Roller, (1) Quartz Gua Sha, (1) Ridged Roller, (1) Carry Pouch, and Instructions

3 Reasons Why MoValues Rollers Last Longer

jade roller for face

REAL Brazilian Rose Quartz

Notice the deep pink shade? That’s the color of REAL Rose Quartz! Have you EVER seen rose quartz jewelry made from light, washed out pink stones? Of course not, because they’re not true rose quartz! As soon as your unbox your pink roller and start using it, you’ll know exactly what real Rose Quartz feels like, and adore the quality of this gem stone.


face roller

Solid Integrated Handle

Most facial rollers are made with soft wire-thin brass and glue. And it makes sense because those rollers are designed to be cheaper for those on a budget. But for people like you, who care about a long lasting roller, we use a stainless steel integrated frame. It’s all one single molded piece (no glues) solid and thick for years of rolling.


eye roller

Special Non-Squeak Hardware

We’ve seen those other rollers too, you know the ones that squeak endlessly! This, is NOT those. If your roller squeaks it’s because of surface tension – and that tension eventually leads to stress and breaks. So we use two tiny little traction wheels that grip your roller and make it turn smooth, but will never squeak or stick!


face massager

How To Use This Skin-Rejuvenating Kit!


Cleanse & tone. Then, apply serum or moisturizer, using your smooth roller to gently massage them into your skin while at the same time delivering a boost of natural Rose Quartz ions like Silicone and Oxygen.

Eyes? Deep Tissue…

Use the small smooth roller around eyes. After moisturizing, use the ridged roller to fully relax the skin and boost blood flow.


2-3x a week, use your Gua Sha for an intense massage that works deep into fascia.

The Benefits…

  • Reduce Fine Lines and Puffiness
  • Tighten Skin, Improve Elasticity
  • Minimize Pores and Spots
  • Reduce Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes
  • Soothe Acne and Blemishes
  • Help Serums, Oils and Creams Penetrate Skin
  • Help With Circulation and Waste Removal
  • Jaw Muscle Relaxation, Soothe Headaches & Sinus Relief
jade face roller

Why Not Try Different Gemstone Effects?

What’s The Difference In Colors?

For many women it’s as simple as what sings to your soul! When we released our special Amethyst Roller, many of our green Jade users also went purple, simply because of the amazing color! But any gemologist will tell you each stone has different energy properties, and any crystal healer will tell you those energies can influence your body and soul in different ways. Come and learn more about the color you’ve chosen today.

facial roller

Green Jade: Circulation and Clarity

Jade is a softer, gentler gemstone. Its deep green crystalline vibration opens up the heart and increases circulation. As it warms with your skin’s energy it micro-vibrates to help purify, cleansing out the skins energy blockages and delivering nutrition to areas that may be starved. Emotionally, it helps balance stagnant energy and enhances peace. Choose Jade green if you have puffy skin, or need contouring and lifting and reduce fine lines.

rose quartz roller

Pink Rose Quartz: Inflammation and Calming

Compared to Jade, Rose Quartz is harder and more cooling. It’s crystalline vibration is perfect for inflammation and puffiness. As it pulls heat from your upset skin it helps reduce stress and calms irritation, redness and soothes skin conditions while delivering ionic nutrients into cells. Emotionally, it is harmonizing, confidence boosting and self-loving. Choose pink if you have sensitive or reactive skin, want to reduce fine lines, or just LOVE pink!

amethyst roller

Purple Amethyst: Blemishes and Relaxation

Amethyst is firm and moisture balancing, soothing blemished skin. As it ionically syncs with your skin’s harmonics, it helps support the immune system to dial down the distress to support a more healing, nutritious environment. That’s less lumps and bumps! Emotionally, it is creative, intuitive motivating and courageous! Choose purple to minimize blemishes and fine lines, or, if you simply adore this royal color!

ice roller

All Boxed Up, And Ready For Gifting

Whether it’s a gift from you, to you, or a gift for someone else you’ll also love knowing that we wrap everything up into a fun and glamorous unboxing experience. In fact, some of our customers can’t even bear to throw the box away because it holds these 3 Beauty Tools so well. And every set comes with a cute little pouch and beauty guide, making it a super cute gift this year.

Your 4-in-1 Rose Quartz Crystal Skincare Kit Includes…

facial massager

Face + Eye Roller

100% Natural Rose Quartz, solid integrated frame, non-squeak-proof hardware and a comfy thick handle

gua sha facial tools

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

100% Rose Quartz, properly curved for facial contours, and easy to use with our instruction guide

skin care tools

Ridged Roller

Also 100% Rose Quartz, solid integrated frame and non-squeak hardware for deeper facial massage.

quartz roller

Instruction Guide

Store your kit inside this cute pouch and refer to your guide often for good skincare practice

Features & details

  • PURE BRAZILIAN QUARTZ: A Quartz Face Roller only works if it’s REAL rose quartz, because only a real rose roller has the unique crystalline lattice that drives healing ions deep into your cells to soothe inflammation, reduce wrinkles, and flush lymphatic waste and puffiness. Our Quartz Facial Roller and Guasha Massage Tool are only made from pure, natural Brazilian Quartz for your best skincare.
  • 4 TOOLS GIFT PACK: After cleansing and toning, apply beauty products and use your pink quartz roller to massage into your skin. You’ll also get a boost of natural rose quartz ions like Silicone and Oxygen. Use the small roller for eyes, and the ridged roller to relax the skin and boost healthy blood flow. 2-3x a week use the Gua Sha Facial Tool for a deep tissue massage. Your kit comes with full instructions
  • UPGRADED FRAME, USA MADE: We’ve seen those face rollers too, you know the ones that squeak and break. This, is NOT those. Most facial rollers are made with soft wire-thin brass and glue. But we use a hard, stainless steel integrated frame (all one piece, no glued bits) and two tiny “wheels” that turns your roller smoothly and without a sound. It’s the quiet tool you were searching for today.
  • WHICH COLOR? This pink rose quartz face roller is hard and cooling. It’s crystalline vibration is perfect for inflammation and puffiness, while the green jade roller massager is soft and gentle. It opens the heart and increases circulation as it warms to your skin’s energy. View all our real crystal jade rollers here, what's your main skin concern? And which color facial tools do you love most?
  • TRY IT ICE COLD! This pink gemstone roller is naturally cooling already, but you can pop it in the fridge or freezer for a refreshing massage - like ice face rollers. Try it! Your skin will feel amazing! Finally, read our reviews and you’ll see that if you have any issues with your face and eye roller, gua sha scraping tool or ridged beauty roller you can contact us for a fast fix. Order yours now.