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Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set
Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set

Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set

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Product description

Rongji jewelry was first established in 2008, during the ten years, we are focus on high grade fashion jewelries all the time, and pays much attention to the variety of the products, covering: Brooches, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Key chains, Jewelry cases, Clocks and watches, Medals and so on. Owning to the growing e-commerce environment, we present our exquisite products to consumers all over the world and become more and more popular. We have also begun to develop beauty products in recent years, including makeup brushes, lipstick, eye shadow, blusher, etc. Rongji jewelry is relentless in efforts to provide more quality designs and products, and become an iconic brand that stays around for centuries to come is our ultimate goal.

Product Name: Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set - 5pcs Wand Makeup Brushes with Soft Synthetic Fiber and Metallic Handle for Eyebrow, Eyeshadow, Foundation, Blending and Lips, Great Gift for Sister Girlfriend

Product Style: Beauty Rose Design

Product Material: Alloy handle with gold plated and CZ inlaid, Soft synthetic fiber hair

Dimension Parameter: length 4.89-5.34 inches, weight 132 g/4.65 Oz

rose eye makeup brush set

Magic Wand Rose Makeup Brushes

It’s not only a makeup brush set that will help you more attractive, but the magic wand brushes can awaken your girlish heart!

We Care What You Concern

rose makeup brush set rose gold
A Fairy Makeup Brushes Specially Designed For You


  1. Rose is the magical symbol in fairy tales for girls
  2. 5pcs brushes are included for fully function
  3. High quality synthetic fiber hair and safety polished alloy are used
  4. Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance


rose makeup brush set rose gold



  • There are various makeup brushes on the mass market. However, most of them was dowdy, colors not only single but also old-fashioned style.
  • Do you agonize over choosing a favorite makeup brush set? Do you want a fairy makeup brush set unusual?
  • What we desire to do is provide something new with high quality to meet your requirements.


  • Fashionable Appearance
  • Functional and Practical
  • Adequate Quality
  • Touch Your Heart

Greater Detail

gold plated

Metallic handle with rose gold plated and CZ inlaid


soft hair fiber

Soft synthetic fiber hair, gentle and non-irritating


magic wand

Magic Wand For Becoming More Beautiful


let's be more beautiful

Let's Be More Beautiful


  • There is a saying that everyone has the heart of being a beauty, in fact, the beautiful outlook indeed brings many advantages. A beautiful look not only helps make a good impression, but improves your self-image and increase self-confidence.
  • No matter how old you are, you are never too old to be beautiful. Don't let your makeup fade or crease. Carry the rose eye makeup brushes in the handy pocket, you'll keep immaculate make-up wherever you go!


How to Clean the Rose Makeup Brushes?


  • Holding bristles face down, run bristles under warm water;
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water and makeup residue;
  • Apply a dime size amount of mild soap and olive oil into the palm of your hand;
  • Massage the synthetic hair fiber into your palm in water until the water runs clear;
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel;
  • Let the fiber air dry in an open space.


Warm Tip: For first use, you'd better clean them with cleanser and dry it before using. It will be more sanitary for your delicate skin.

Features & details

  • 🌹UIQUE DESIGN - The design inspiration of the fairy rose makeup brush set comes from tales contained a lot to love, and rose is a symbol of romance and love. So much so that when you see a chance to bring some of that enchantment and magic into your own makeup bag, you'll be hard pressed not to grab it
  • 🌹GIFT FOR YOU - No matter how old you are, you're never too old for fairy tale. You might have rent to pay and a grownup job to get to, but when you discover our new drop and it's something fairy-tale-related you can't help but turn back into seven-year-old you and get excited about it. This cute rose eye makeup brush set just specially design for you! It can not only help you become more attractive, but inspire the romance of a teenage girls
  • 🌹FULLY FUNCTIONAL - Eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, lip brush, and powder brush are included in this essential rose makeup brush set, they can help you create the perfect smokey eye look or any other eye makeup application. Moreover, what really makes our fancy rose makeup brushes so great are they bring a little magic to your own beauty routine
  • 🌹POPULAR CHOICE - Whether you are a rookie, a makeup addict or a professional makeup artist, these rose eye makeup brushes are a great addition to your collection. Stop wondering why you were not able to create the perfect look. Order your eye brush set now and these mystical flowers will help you discover true beauty as you blend in your smokey eye or buff in your blush
  • 🌹MATERIAL TYPE - The brushes are made of high quality synthetic fiber hair which give your skin more soft and comfortable contact. Except for the synthetic fiber, the whole rose styling are made of safety polished alloy with gold plated. Careful selection of materials is intended to give you a more soft cosmetic experience